Program details

Purpose: Building & equipement of a model secondary school in Burundi

- Children graduated from primary school curriculum
- Orphans and vulnerable children (OVC)

Phase 2: January-September 2014

Phase 2 budget: 521 844 Euros

Partners: AMADE Burundi, Monaco's International Cooperation Division


Since many years, AMADE Mondiale is involved in a global program to ensure community care for orphans and vulnerable children in Burundi. More than 800 000 Burundian OVC still live in severely uncertain conditions - which means around 10% of the population.
The activities developed through the program particularly aim to provide the children with primary education - each year, that part allows over 30 000 children to access regular scholarship.

Still, secondary education remains most of time out of access for thousands of Burundian youngsters. 68% of the pupils drop school after they achieved the primary cycle; when it comes to orphans and vulnerable children, that rate even exceeds 80%.

An alarming observation, due to several factors:
  • insufficient schools - there are three times less secondary schools than primary schools in the country
  • secondary schools are essentially located around the capital - which makes them hard to access for children living in other areas (especially if there are no boarding schools to accomodate them)
  • the scholar overpopulation decreases the quality of lessons and the studying conditions
The lack of a quality secondary education - especially a technical training - has major impacts on the local professional landscape. Burundi is actually ranked 15th of the countries with the highest rate of unemployment - 14% of its working population being jobless.


General objective

Contribute to increase access to a quality secondary education in Burundi

Specific objectives
  • Building a model boarding school in the Matana district (rural area in the south of the country)
  • Promoting the access for orphans and vulnerable chidlren

Matana district, June 2013

Scheduled activities

Under the supervision of AMADE Burundi and thanks to the technical assistance of the Monacan company ES-KO, the building works of the secondary school have started on March 2013. The first students will be able to attend classes for the start of school year in September 2014.

The school is located on a 5 Ha area donated for the project by the Matana district.
Phase 1 of the construction included the building of 6 classrooms (each one of them for 36 pupils), 2 sanitary annexes and an administrative block.
Phase 2 is currently developing with the construction of 2 dormitories, a kitchen, a refectory and a sports ground, as well as all the necessary equipment.
Once finished, the total capacity of the school will be 463 pupils.

The course of study will be determined after the national program adopted by the Department of Education. Complementary sessions will be added in order to prepare the pupils to become competent technicians and executives, competitive enough once on the local labor market. The school will eventually include 2 technical courses, selected after the priority needs of the country among the most promising fields in terms of access to job placement.

140 of the 463 pupils will be selected among orphans and vulnerable children coming from unprivileged families, in order for the project to ensure more fairness in accessing secondary education.

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