The international community’s education efforts in recent decades have focussed on new infrastructure constructions.  These investments have significantly increased the number of children with access to primary education and to a lesser extent at the secondary level, but the quality of education provided remains a challenge, especially in rural areas, where schools suffer isolation.   These rural schools are often without electricity, textbooks, and lack access to teacher training.

To respond to these needs, AMADE's "Energy of Knowledge" Project aims to promote quality education through access to appropriate digital content for both students and teachers in addition to the electrification of the schools (preferably photovoltaic).

The pilot project was initiated in Burundi at the "Amie des Enfants" (Friend of the Children) middle school and high school in Matana and 3 other schools nearby.  It has been conducted in partnership with AMADE Burundi and Bibliothèques Sans Frontières, a leading French-language operator in the field of digital education and recognised for its programme of creating digital libraries in schools in developing countries.

The project’s educational focus aims to improve the quality of teaching by strengthening the capacity of teachers and increasing the level of learning of students, improving social cohesion amongst students in target schools, and social interaction between students and the surrounding communities.  This will increase with the help of the KoomBook, offering diversity in content, access to digital technologies, and ease of use, to complement existing teaching methods and promote students’ academic success and their individual creativity.


- Manufacture and installation of 3 KoomBook kits in partner schools.
- Train school teachers and members of solidarity groups (GS) in the use of KoomBook and 3 librarians in cultural interventions and library management.
- Accompany and follow-up KoomBook deployment.
- Equip the library of the establishment "Amie des Enfants" with 1000 books.
- Evaluate the project.

Results achieved

- 3 KoomBook kits are manufactured, sent, and installed in partner schools and used by teachers, students, and members of solidarity groups working with the reference schools.
- Up to 30 teachers receive technical and pedagogical training on the use of the modules contained in the KoomBook, train the other teachers, and gradually integrate new learning methods into their courses.
- 15 members of solidarity groups engaged in income-generating activities receive technical training on the use of KoomBooks, train other members, and reinforce their skills.
- 1,000 books are distributed to equip the library of the reference school "Amie des Enfants".
- Training in cultural interventions and library management provided for 3 librarians.


Capacity building for the Matana schools to improve the quality of teaching and strengthen social cohesion

I support this project
  • Burundi


  • Project status

    In progress

  • Duration


  • Funding

    65.000 €

  • Beneficiaries

    Up to 110 teachers
    Nearly 2,300 students
    3 librarians
    Nearly 140 farmers, including members of solidarity groups, will provide food at the reference school.

  • Partners

    AMADE Burundi
    Ministry of Education
    4 Schools
    ​CFM Indosuez Wealth

  • Objectives

    - Strengthen access to quality education and information for students at the Matana reference schools and surrounding schools

    - Improve the quality of teaching of teachers in the reference schools and cultural interventions of librarians

    - Strengthen the socio-economic development and social cohesion with the surrounding communities