Kinshasa is sadly known for its so-called "child-sorcerers". The poorest of the poorest, these children - having been rejected by their families and neglected by society - haunt the streets of the capital, in survival mode. Deeply rooted in the local mentality, this belief denotes the fear of some struggling adults towards some of their children, who they blame for the situation they find themselves in and the difficulties they must overcome.

The "sorcerer children" then lose their status as a child, instead becoming demons or evil spirits that are dangerous to be around. Nearly 10,000 young girls referred to as "witches", from the ages of 10 to 17, haunt the streets of Kinshasa. Survival in such a hostile environment most often involves prostitution, or even the selling of the child.

In June 2013, HRH the Princess of Hanover traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo and had the opportunity to meet with the leaders of the Children and Youth Educators Network (REEJER) and to visit different structures caring for streeth children. After this meeting, and having been particularly affected by the fate reserved for these young girls known as "witches", AMADE Mondiale's President announced his desire for AMADE to take an active part in their protection by supporting the Center Vivre et Travail Autrement (VTA).


Since the beginning of the project in 2013:

- 30 young girls are taken care of at the VTA Centre (housing, food, access to school, healthcare and other needs;

- 14 young girls were reintegrated back into their families and received secondary or university education in Kinshasa;

- 3 young girls finished their studies at school and university level;

- The centre was renovated.

Results achieved

Support and reintegration of young girls leaving on the streets accused of witchcraft

I support this project
  • Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The


  • Project status

    In progress

  • Duration

    2013 -2018

  • Funding

    94 945 €

  • Beneficiaries

    30 young girls being cared for in the VTA Centre
    17 young educated girls having reintegrated back into their family

  • Partners

    VTA Centre

  • Objectives

    To contribute in a sustainable way to the social reintegration of young street girls accused of witchcraft, from disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Kinshasa



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