Extreme violence, massive displacements of population and the widespread use of rape as a war weapon have weakened the Democratic Republic of Congo's health system, especially in the East of the country. In the Province of North Kivu, this context led to a complete desorganisation of basic health care. Low access to emergency obstetric care due to geographic or financial constraints, late or bad medical care, early pregnancies, as well as popular beliefs regarding health, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV, have an impact on children and mothers' health. Child mortality rate in this province is an estimated 128 deaths for 1 000 births, one of the highest rates in the world. As for the maternal mortality, it reaches 549 on 100 000. To compare, Europe's average mortality rate is 5 deaths for 1 000 births and the maternal mortality rate is an average of 15 on 100 000.

Created in 1994 and based in Goma in the North Kivu, HEAL Africa is an NGO that helps the most vulnerable women and children by providing them with a hollistic support consisting of adapted medical care as well as psychological, socio-economic and legal support.

In 2018, 636 victims of sexual violence were welcomed in HEAL Africa's hospital, 343 of whom came during the 72 hours following the rape and were distributed free PEP kits (Post Exposure Prophylaxis). All these victims received psychological support and 85 % of them received legal support.

During the year 2018, HEAL Africa's hospital took care of 28 568 patients, 7 915 of them were children and 4047 were pregnant women.

This project, carried out by HEAL Africa with the support of AMADE, aims to strengthen women and children's acces to primary and community health care by the construction and the equipment of a community health centre dedicated to women and children in the Province of North Kivu.

This building will accomodate prenatal consultation, family planning, child nutrition, care for children with malformations services as well as HIV care and vaccination services. It will also contain a training room where patients, family members and staffs will be trained in order to better prenatal care. For exemple, it will host training sessions for the use of the mobile app Zero Mothers Die, dedicated to maternal mortality prevention, in partnership with the Millennia2025 Foundation.


- Select a building company to perform the work

- Start the construction of the health centre

- Monitoring of the construction 

- Official delivery of the building

- Information and education sessions on alimentation hygiene and family health

- Vaccination for women of chilbearing potential, new born children and kids

- Activites of sentization regarding nutrition for women and children

- Family planning activities

Results achieved

A 705-square meter mother-child community health center is built and offers services in the fields of reproductive health, paediatric care and prevention of diseases/infections ;

Beneficiaries of reproductive and pediatric health services are satisfied of the conditions in the health centre building ;

Preventive activities against diseases/infections are in effect and benefit to the women and children in the health centre.

Emergency / Post-Emergency

Construction of a mother-child community health centre in Goma

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  • Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The


  • Project status

    In progress

  • Duration

    12 mois

  • Funding

    225 637 euros

  • Beneficiaries

    1 000 women of chilbearing age

    5 000 pregnant women, young mothers and infants

    400 HIV-positive women

    2 000 girls, women and children victims of sexual violence

    800 undernourrished and HIV-positive children

  • Partners

    HEAL Africa

  • Objectives

    General objective : Contribute to strengthen women and children's acces to primary and community health care in the Province of North Kivu

    Specific objectives :

    - Construct a building adapted to HEAL Africa's work in order to improve the quality of reproductive and pediatric healthcare

    - Organize activities of prevention against diseases/infections to the benefit of women and children in the health centre.