Results 2008-2018 encouraging for Monaco Collectif Humanitaire

On March 5th, the members of Monaco Collectif Humanitaire (associations, health centers, and The Prince's Government) met to take stock of the last 10 years. In 10 years, 395 children from developing countries whose heart diseases, and sometimes orthopedic, cannot be treated in their country, have been operated in Monaco.

In 2018, the Collective received more than 517,000 euros from HSH the Sovereign Prince, collected on the occasion of its 60th anniversary, but also from individual donors such as footballer Olivier Giroud, Ambassador of the Monaco Collective Humanitaire, and associative structures members of the Collective (Children and Future - second largest donor since 2008, Monaco Red Cross, AMADE, Amitiés Sans Frontières, Monaco Aide and Présence and Pagani Elia).

This very encouraging report suggests good prospects for the future.