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"Kahindo's timid and downcast voice tells me why she was married at age 16.

- The rebels often came to the village to abduct the girls who were not married. One day I was in the fields and they threatened my father with death. He had the idea to marry me and my sister with the neighbors. In the week, I left the village with my new husband. I was relieved to be with a civilian, the military is violent. I realized that I was fleeing the war at the age of 12. In fact, since birth, I can not count the number of times my family has been in the forest.

She is lucky to have been able to resume her studies.

When I ask her who is babysitting her three children while she is in class, she tells me that it is the elder who is watching the others.

The eldest is 3 years old. She proudly adds:
- There has never been any damage. "

Back in image on the awareness campaign and information "Generation Congo". This project entrusted to photographer William Dupuy, proposes through 50 portraits of children beneficiaries of AMADE projects: witch girls, street children, child soldiers ... to illustrate the life course of a Congolese generation shared between doubt and hope.