Dignity for Women


- Enable vulnerable girls and women to access menstrual hygiene and prevent sexual abuse;
- Provide medical and psychological care for young girls who are victims of sexual violence and support their social reintegration;
- Promote access to secondary education for girls.


Access to menstrual hygiene

Create production units within refugee and IDP camps to manufacture sanitary products. These production units allow women to develop an economic activity while providing an innovative solution to the lack of access to sanitary products.

Access to sanitary products is an opportunity to raise awareness among young girls about reproductive health and sexual abuse prevention.

Medical and psychosocial care for young girls who are victimes of sexual abuse

Building and equipping health centres dedicated to the care of young girls who are the victims of sexual violence and training gynaecological surgeons on treatments for specific illnesses, such as obstetric fistulas.

In addition to improving medical care, AMADE supports abused children in the long reconstruction process necessary for their reintegration.

Promotion of girls' access to secondary education

AMADE is at the forefront of building and equipping secondary schools in order to promote access to quality education for girls.

Particular attention is paid to the quality of education provided, through teacher training and access to educational content.

AMADE supports the schooling of girls through the allocation of scholarships.

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