More than 600 million people on the African continent do not have access to energy.

In the absence of electricity, the use of kerosene lamps is widespread.  Not only highly polluting, kerosene lamps also cause nearly 4 million premature deaths a year and represent the first cause of household incidents (burns, ingestion, etc.).  Consumption of kerosene is equally very expensive, representing almost 30% of the household budget and represents an important source of greenhouse gas emissions that contribute significantly to climate change. The first victims of this energy poverty are children, whose ability to study at night is greatly limited.

Africa Eco Race thus wished to engage alongside AMADE Mondiale by providing portable solar lamps to children in rural schools not connected to the electricity network and crossed by the rally. These lamps will allow children, especially young girls, to return safely to their homes at night and study in better conditions.

Wishing to promote local economic development, Africa Eco Race and AMADE Mondiale have associated with Lagazel which is the first company to manufacture solar lamps on the African continent.  The Lagazel solar lamps, renowned for their robustness, are produced in Burkina Faso and are the only ones to have batteries guaranteed 5 years which can be replaced for their recycling. The Lagazel company aims to develop decentralized production workshops close to the inhabitants to promote employment of the most vulnerable populations.


- distribution of solar lamps in schools crossed by the Africa Eco Race rally;
- increase awareness of beneficiary children, their families, and teachers concerning the use of these lamps (recharging, battery recycling ...);
- monitor the impact on children, especially in terms of education.

Results achieved

700 solar lamps were distributed in Mauritania and Senegal in 2018 ;

150 solar lamps were distributed in Mauritania in 2019 ;

500 lamps were distributed in Mauritania for the 2020 edition of the challenge ; 

23 schools were sensitized to the use of solar lamps in Mauritania and Senegal;

4 hours of additional study per day and per child;

200 tons of CO2 avoided per year.


Challenge of Hope - solar lamps for Sahel's pupils

I support this project
  • Mauritania


  • Project status

    In progress

  • Duration

    2017 - 2020

  • Funding

    34.383 €

  • Beneficiaries

    850 children enrolled in Mauritania and Senegal in primary school
    15 schools sensitized

  • Partners

    Africa Eco Race
    Prince Albert II Foundation
    ASCOMA Jutheau & Husson

  • Objectives

    Provide solar lamps to schools to promote children's access to education