The eastern Democratic Republic of Congo has for several decades been seriously affected by the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war. Indeed, the province of South Kivu in particular, is a strategic point of passage for different militias and armed groups, who use rape as a means of breaking down resistance among the local population.

The Panzi Hospital was created in 1999 by Dr. Denis Mukwege, with the aim of providing solutions to the maternal health problems that existed in the city of Bukavu in South Kivu at that time, in this very difficult security context. There was only one hospital and women living in the peripheral slums of Bukavu city had maternity problems.

Among the patients in care were survivors of sexual violence, who were increasing in number. In fact, over the past seven years, the number of victims of sexual violence has increased steadily, especially among girls under the age of 17, rising from 250 in 2012 to 463 in 2018. This represents 32.7% of the care of victims of sexual violence at Panzi Hospital.

For example, a structured program of caring for survivors of sexual violence has emerged. In addition to the direct medical care provided to patients, it offers comprehensive care of the victim, through psychological, legal or psychosocial, to enable them to rebuild, to regain confidence in the future, but also to be reintegrated in society, which too often rejects them.

This program and Dr. Mukwege's commitment to Panzi Hospital continues to this day, and has gained international recognition, which has earned the "man who repaired women" the title of Nobel Peace Prize winner. for the year 2018.

As part of its "Dignity for Women" program, AMADE supports several initiatives aimed at helping girls who are victims of violence, pregnant women, young mothers and their children. For example, AMADE has partnered with the NGO HEAL Africa in its activities to care for girls who are victims of violence, and maternal and child care in Goma, North Kivu.

Through this project, the Panzi Foundation and the Panzi Hospital, anxious to carry out this comprehensive approach to caring for victims of sexual violence, provide support and support for children who survive sexual abuse. supported by these structures through access to holistic care, support for their schooling, as well as improved income of parents of these children and their training in psychological first aid.



- Pay medical care for 100 child survivors of sexual violence. 

- Structuring of beneficiaries into solidarity mutuals.

- Orientation of beneficiaries in different sectors of their choice according to the results of market studies.

- Organization of management training.

- Granting of micro-credits in cash and in kind.

- Accompaniment and support to the beneficiaries.

- Organization of preparatory meetings and sensitization with parents and local leaders.

- Making contact with the managers of schools close to their places of residence and enrolling children in schools.

- Purchase and distribution of school kits.

- Support for income - generating activities by parents so that they are able to support their children 's studies in the following years.

- Permanent monitoring of children in schools.

- Training on parenting skills and psychological first aid.

- Psychological accompaniment of children in their families.

Results achieved

- Medical and psychosocial care is provided to 100 survivors of sexual violence at Panzi Hospital (this result is already supported by other donors to the SVS / Panzi Hospital project) and a nutritional support is assured to 110 undernourrished children

- 100 parents of survivors of sexual violence and 110 parents of undernourrished children have income for their care after project closure.

- The schooling of the 65 surviving children of sexual violence, 35 vulnerable children and 35 undernourrished children is effective without discrimination.

- 100 parents of surviving children are trained on parenting skills and psychological first aid.

Emergency / Post-Emergency

Support to girls survivors of sexual violence

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  • Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The


  • Project status

    In progress

  • Duration

    12 mois

  • Funding

    50 000€

  • Beneficiaries

    - 100 children including 65 children survivors of sexual violence and 35 vulnerable children aged 0 to 16, treated at Panzi hospital and coming from KAVUMU, BUNYAKIRI and MINOVA sites,

    - 110 undernourrished children under the care of the Nyota de Cireja nutritional center in Kavumu,

    - The parents of surviving children as well as some vulnerable and undernourrished in the community.

  • Partners

    Panzi Foundation

  • Objectives

    Contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of children survivors of sexual violence who receive medical care at Panzi Hospital and undernourrished children under the care of the Nyota de Cireja nutritional center.