Flavien Foundation


"Flavian Foundation, a hope for life".
Pediatric cancers are the leading cause of child mortality by disease. However, less than 3% of funds dedicated to anti-cancer research are allocated to pediatric cancers. The result of a promise made to a fighter and out of necessity. Born of the tsunami that took place after the flight of the little jedi, "the Flavian Foundation, a new hope" has set itself the task of promoting research and helping in the fight against pediatric cancers and rare unknown diseases.




REEJER is a Congolese association that manages more than 164 structures whose common objective is to develop appropriate support for children and young people in difficult situations in Kinshasa.

Since 1998, this NGO platform has been working to prevent the phenomenon of street children, as well as to protect and promote children's rights and the socio-economic reintegration of street children and youth.


Terres des Hommes


In 1994, the Terre des Hommes Italy Foundation, was founded upon the initiative of a group of professionals, entrepreneurs and representatives of civil society, with the aim of protecting children against all forms of violence or abuse, and guaranteeing the right to health, and education.


Mariam Fraternità Onlus


Founded in 2001, the Mariam Fraternità Onlus association supports the mission of Sister Pina Tulino, Founder of the Good Samaritan Sisters' Congregation, which aims to help the population of Asmar and neighboring villages in Eritrea.





UNICEF promotes the rights and well-being of every child, in everything we do. We work in 190 countries and territories around the world with our partners to make this commitment a reality, with a special effort to reach the most vulnerable and marginalized children for the benefit of all children, wherever they are.


Virlanie Foundation



Based in the Philippines, the Virlanie Foundation was founded in 1992 by Dominique Lemay and his Filipino social worker friends. Virlanie is a non-governmental organization working with street children in Manila. It takes care of children in need of special protection; those who have been abandoned, abused, exploited, neglected, the orphans and the poorest of the poorest. Through its various programs and thanks to its family atmosphere, the Foundation provides daily support to its many beneficiaries by offering them the opportunity for personal development and reintegration into social life. Virlanie strives to build a better future for these children by giving them a smile.





For many years, the world has faced an unprecedented number of people forced to flee their homes. By 2015, more than 65 million people were forcibly displaced. Whether they are fleeing the crisis in Syria or the conflicts in South Sudan, the Central African Republic, Burundi or Central America, their numbers are steadily increasing. To escape from violence, these people and families abandon everything, leaving it all behind them.

The United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) was established in 1950 in the aftermath of the Second World War to help Europeans displaced by the conflict. Initially mandated for 3 years, more than 66 years later, the UNHCR continues to provide assistance and relief to millions of refugees worldwide.


Il Nodo


The main objective of the Il Nodo association is to promote training that is inspired by the concept of social justice as a tool for the development and application of essential values: respect for all individuals, efforts to obtain - for themselves and for their families - a better quality of life and a better outlook for the future through work and education.


Apprentis d\'Auteuil


A committed actor in the prevention and protection of children, Apprentis d'Auteuil supports more than 30,000 young and vulnerable families. A recognized charity, it develops in France and abroad programs of reception, education, training and integration to give back to the young and the fragile families what they lack most: confidence.


Bibliothèques Sans Frontières


BSF œuvre pour que chaque femme et chaque homme, à travers le monde, puisse vivre dignement et s’épanouir à travers un accès facilité, ouvert et libre aux bibliothèques, à l’information et à l’éducation et ce, dans un souci constant de promotion de la diversité culturelle.